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Scholarship Programme for Undergraduate Students (PEC-G) of the year 2019

Posted on: June 26, 2018 | Back | Print

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the honour to inform the opening of applications for the Scholarship Programme for Undergraduate Students (PEC-G) of the year 2019.

The PEC-G Programme gives access to full undergraduate courses in all areas of study, through places offered by more than a hundred public and private Higher Education Institutions (IES) in Brazil. In addition to free-of-charge tuitions, the PEC-G student has access to Brazilian public health services and to free legalisation of academic documents (diploma, transcript and lecture summaries) which must be collected at the Embassy of Brazil of their country.

Please see the application requirements:

  • Be a national of one of the 60 countries listed as part of the 2019 PEC-G Programme;

  • Must not posses any type of permanent or temporary Visa to Brazil;

  • Have at least 18 years of age and, preferentally, up to 23 years;

  • Have obtained an average High School transcript score of at least 60%;

  • Have obtained an average of 60% in the official language taught in High School;

  • Have a financially responsible person (individual or company) who can rove sufficient funds to support the student during his/her studies in Brazil, in addition to covering costs related to the student's initial installation in Brail and his/her inbound and outbound flight tickets. The person responsible should send at least USD 400.000 (four hundred US Dollars) a month to the student;

  • Have obtained the Certificate of Proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese for Foreigners (Celpe-Bras)

It must be stressed that those who reside in countries where the Celpe-Bras exam is not held must sit the exam if selected for the PEC-G Programme ne year after attending the free Portuguese for Foreigners course, offered to universities accredited to the PEC-G Programme. The selected candidates may apply for undergraduate studies the following year.

Interested candidates must submit the documents required in the Programme, available on the Division of Educational Affairs website (see link on the original version), only in the Brazilian diplomatic mission of their country. The Division of Educational Affairs itself dois not process applications.

It will be requested of the diplomatic missions of the countries of the participating students to help their nationals settle in Brazil, as well as offer consular assistance and help in adapting to the country. Given that the Programme does not offer full Scholarship and that the students must appoint a financial supporter, it is suggeste that the participating countries verify the possibility of giving out study scholarships or any other financial assistance to selected students, such as flight ticket fees.

The website of the Division of Educational Affairs (www.dce.mre.gov.br) has updated information on how the Programme works, participating countries and number of selected students over the years. Any questions on the programme can be directed to dce@itamaraty.gov.br

The Ministry of Foreigner Affairs avails itself the oportunity to renew its assurance of highest esteem and consideration.