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Essential Technical Specifications of Video Conferencing Systems

Posted on: May 16, 2018 | Back | Print

Essential Technical Specifications of Video Conferencing Systems

The minimum essential technical specifications of VC equipments (as per Ministry's requirements) are mentioned below:

1- Video Coding Stantards- H. 264 SVC & AVC.

2- Audio Coding Standards - G. 722, G. 722.1, MPEG - 4, AAC-LC.

3- Live Video Features- 720p30, 1080p30, 1080p60 (preferable).

4- Minimum Bandwidth required for video quality (1080p60) at End Point/ Far-site end = 1Mbps.

5- Interface to records the ongoing Video Conferencing Session of both Near End and Far End along with mixed Audio @ 1080p60 through USB within Codec in device (Not through cloud/ Network based/ Server Based).

6- The End point should have the capability to upgrade to multi-point (at least 1+5 Sites) @1080p60 Full HD, in future, by using add-on software on existing codec over IP (Not viaexternal hardware/ Server/ Cloud).

7- End point should support multipoint calls at full HD 1080p60 resolution in continuous presence mode (DHCP)

8- End Point should have 1080p60fps PTZ camera with minimum 10X Optical Zoom.

9- The complete solution which includes Software and Hardware bundle should be from the same OEM.

10- The Codec should be an idenendently/ specifically designed standalone devide with embedded menu driven GUI, Audio-Video I/O Ports, Network and control ports etc. inbuilt on its back plane.

11- SHould be H323 and SIP Compliant (It should be IP Based Hardware System not a PC Based stack up system with software loaded on it)

12- Built in acoustic echo canceller with noise reduction

13- Input/ Output ports: 
a. Input-2XHDMI/DVI ports
b. Output - 2xHDMI/ DVI ports

14- No. of Michrophones supported - at least 1

15- No. of Cameras supported (should be from same OEM)- 1

16- IPV6 ready

17- It should support Far End control protocol H. 281

18-It should support H.239 dual stream protocol for sendind/ receiving content/ presentation along with Full HD live video.

19- One line level auxiliary audio output to connect external audio system.

20- Interface (HDMI/ VGA) to connect a Laptop/ PC/ Console.

21- Should be IP Based (ISDN/ BRI not required)

22- Based support dual monitors for display

23- Picture-in-picture of side by side picture support.

24-High quality microphones with echo cancellation.

25- Support for additional/ external high quality microphone

26- Behind Network Address Translation (NAT) firewall transversal

27- Global Directory - Display of active participants/ H.350/LDAP protocol

28- E. 164 dialing using H. 323 Gatekeeper

29- Web based management for video conferencing endpoint.