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Vaishnav Jan To

Posted on: October 29, 2018 | Back | Print

A good human being is one 
who feels the pain of others
one who helps those in misery
and does not let pride enter their mind

A good human being tolerates and praises the entire world
and does not say bad things about anyone
keeps her/his words, actions and thoughts pure 
(to such a person) Your mother is blessed!

A good human being sees everything equally, rejcts greed and avarice
Considers someone else’s wife/daughter as his mother
The tongue may get tired, but will never utter lies
and will never even touch someone else’s property

A good human being does not succumb to worldly attachments 
who has become staunchly detached from worldly pleasures
who has been addicted to the elixir coming from the name of Ram
from whom all the religious sites are in the mind

who has no greed and deceit 
who has renounced all types of desires and anger
The poet Narsi would like to see such a person
Whose virtue brings salvation to the entire family